Monday, November 2, 2015

Concert Inspiration

Emalee & Lana
at Breaking Benjamin/Shinedown concert
in West Valley City, UT on 10/30/2015

Breaking Benjamin is the #1 band on my book playlist. They have so, so many great songs about angels, demons, living forever...and it was like they wrote Ashes of Eden just for me. Well, of course when I stumbled across their concert tour online and saw that they'd be playing in SLC, I wanted to go! I'm in the middle of a major revision (my personal Nano is to finish Part2 of 4 in November...starting today), so I thought I could use the inspiration of a live show.

I asked Emalee (my writer daughter in case you're new here) if she thought we should go, and naturally she was all over it. I bought the tickets. And then I freaked out a little: "What have I done???" How were we going to drive all the way to Salt Lake by ourselves, find the venue, and maneuver the traffic in and out of the parking lot? And then things started falling into place. My husband was not only able to go with us, but also got a Salt Lake run from his part-time driving job. Em and I followed him through the big city traffic, he dropped off his truck, then he drove us to the hotel...which, by the way, I chose b/c it was right across the street from the Maverick Center! Our bodyguard daddy walked us over and then went back to relax at the hotel while Em & I went to the show. We stood in line in the parking lot for over an hour. That part wasn't handled so well. They had a handful of employees patting down 7,000 people.

We missed Nothing More, the opening band, which was a bummer. They're from Texas, my home state. Barely got inside and found our seats before Breaking Benjamin came on stage. Wow, they were amazing! I was so happy they played When Angels Fall, So Cold, and best of all, Ashes of Eden. That one made the show for me. I was curious to see who does the deep screamo voice on the new album and found out it's guitarist Aaron Bruch. He did great. And Benjamin Burnley's voice was rich and stronghe didn't let the pain from his illness stop him. Very impressive. Early on, Ben gave a heartfelt tribute to our military service members and dedicated Unknown Soldier to them. He said none of us would be there enjoying a rock show if not for the courage of our military keeping us safe. That was awesome. But then shortly after that Ben started dropping f-bombs all over the place. The profanity put a damper on things. Thinking they'd do the same, I even tried to talk Emalee into leaving before Shinedown.

Luckily, she wouldn't hear of it, and Shinedown put on an amazing show and kept it clean. Their guitarist, Zach Myers was so fun to watch. He really got into the music and rocked out. I have no idea how he managed to jump around so much and not miss a note. I wish I had been more familiar with their songs beforehand. They didn't perform the only one I know, Her Name Is Alice (Em was writing an Alice in Wonderland-themed manuscript awhile back so that song got played a lot at our house). It's thanks to her that I even discovered Breaking Benjamin, btw. Credit where credit is due. She hand picked the tracks she knew I'd like from their first couple of albums (some of the heavier rock songs caught me off guard at the show because Em sheltered me so well). When Dark Before Dawn came out, I pre-ordered it and shared with her for a change.

So glad we got to have this experience together. Another fantastic mother/daughter adventure! :)

And now, back to my book.

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