Thursday, August 2, 2012

Writing to a Deadline

Our critique group agreed to set a deadline for finishing (and handing over to one another) our rough drafts. That has been the single best motivator! —thanks, Erin, for suggesting it. Left to my own devices, I kept making excuses and procrastinating. I believed whatever I told myself.

Me: "I'll do it tomorrow."
Me: "Okay."

With a deadline in place, things started looking up in a big way. First, I finally finished my outline. Then, I started writing again. Writing, as in brand new material, not revising Ch. 1 for the gazillionth time. It's been kind of scary, but exciting, too. I'm learning how I work best. I'm figuring out my own individual process. If I start to stall, I think of Emalee and Erin with stern expressions, telling me that I must turn in the manuscript no matter what on August 21. I can't disappoint them.

So far, I'm about halfway done and it's halfway decent, but the clock is rapidly ticking down. That means I'm going to have to crank out some pretty drecky stuff in the last two weeks. My internal, compulsive editor will have to be bound and gagged on Monday...with the promise of being turned loose on August 22.

Wish me luck....

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