Saturday, May 21, 2011

Storymakers & New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! Hopefully I'll be more faithful about keeping up with this one. The focus here will be on writing.

Along those lines, below are a few tidbits from the LDStorymakers Conference earlier this month:

"A flair for words and a flair for storytelling are two different things, and you need both. A very deep, passionate, enlightened relationship with craft is literary physics." –Larry Brooks

"Wait as long as possible before showing the monster." –Dan Wells

"We admire people for their strengths, but we love them for their flaws." –Clint Johnson

"What's going to make me want to keep reading?" –Sara Crowe

"The best villains are like heroes who went on a slightly different path." –Jeff Savage

I'll also be posting about my two critique groups from time to time—and all kinds of stuff related to books and writing.

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  1. A new blog? Fun! I'm excited to see what you post about.

    Great tidbits. Thanks for sharing! I love the quote from Jeff Savage. Such an interesting thought.


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